Leonia Pomino Brut - 2013



Pomino Spumante Bianco DOC - Metodo Classico - Brut Millesimato 2013


“Bold: a wine that expresses the desire to carve one’s own path; brave and determined with an expressive and elegant character, like my great-great-grandmother Leonia, who inspired me to make innovative choices. It was she who planted French vines at Pomino, where the wine was made using the first gravity-fed cellars in Italy and was awarded the gold medal at the Paris World’s Fair in 1878.” – Lamberto Frescobaldi

Vintage Report

In 2013, the climate at Tenuta di Pomino was characterised by numerous occurrences of both rain and snow, mild winter temperatures, and a summer free from excessive heat waves – only rarely, in fact, did maximum temperatures rise above 30°C. The grape harvest, which began the first week of September, took place during warm, sunny days that were never muggy. The slow arrival of spring gifted the vineyards with excellent and homogeneous budding and brought to life a balance that lasted throughout the ripening of the grapes. In the middle of June, around 60 days following the budding phase, average temperatures settled above 20°C and the vineyard’s flowering came to completion. In the weeks preceding the harvest, temperature variances between night and day were the key factor in the development of Chardonnay and Pinot Nero aromas within the grapes, while September’s average daytime temperatures (Below 25°C) explain Leonia Brut 2013’s good level of acidity.


Leonia Pomino Brut

Terroir and environmental conditions

Estate and vineyard location: Castello Pomino, Pomino, Rufina

Technical Information

Variety Chardonnay and little part of Pinot Nero
Alcohol by volume 12,5%
Bottle formats 0.75l and 1,5 l
Leonia Pomino Brut

Tasting Notes

Leonia Brut 2013 immediately surprises with its plentiful foam and crown of fine bubbles that hang persistently unto the glass. The nose is a bouquet of shrub flowers, such as hawthorn and scotch broom, coupled with a refined cedar scent followed by notes of pastry and toasted hazelnuts with the mediterranean aroma of fresh oregano. In the mouth, the wine is sapid and fresh, and possesses a beautiful creamy effervescence and a pleasant finish of bitter almonds and orange rind.

Serving suggestions

A noble and elegant wine. Pairs well with delicate appetizers and first courses of fish, white meat and medium-aged cheeses, but also lends itself to bolder pairings.



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