Pomino Vinsanto - 2008



Pomino Vinsanto DOC


Pomino Vinsanto merits enjoyment all by itself as a “vino da meditazione”, but enjoy it as well with mixed nuts and dried fruits.

Vintage Report

The spring of 2008 will be remembered as the coldest and rainiest of the decade. Rain and wind during the blossoming in June produced a lower quantity of grapes whose sparseness was ideal for their optimal drying in the winery. July and August were notable for the sun’s brightness and the hot temperatures, which allowed for a partial recovery of the grapevine’s growth. The summer months, including September, were hot, sunny and dry. Free of any phytosanitary issues, the grapes reached excellent ripeness. The grape harvest for Pomino Vinsato ended during the second week of August.


Pomino Vinsanto

Terroir and environmental conditions

Estate and vineyard location: Castello Pomino, Pomino, Rùfina
Vineyard average age 7 years

Technical Information

Variety Trebbiano, Malvasia toscana and San Colombano
Alcohol by volume 14,50%
Malolactic fermentation During the long fermentation in the "caratello"
Length of maturation 4 years
Bottle formats 0,50 lt
Pomino Vinsanto

Tasting Notes

Pomino Vinsanto 2008 has a bright amber colour with highlights that recall red gold. The wine’s nose leaves a sweet impression of delicate desserts such as Portuguese milk pudding. The significant alcohol presence penetrates the nostrils leaving a spicy note of vanilla and nutmeg. In the mouth, the palate is enveloped by elegant softness, while the finish brings back memories of toasted hazelnuts and walnuts. The wine has an excellent persistence and an acidity that keeps it lively even after its long ageing.

Serving suggestions

As an aperitif with foie gras, pastries and dried nuts (hazelnuts, almonds).



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