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cultivating toscana diversity

Frescobaldi interprets Tuscan diversity

We want the family estates, with their vineyards, to be the expression of this diversity and for the wines to reflect each individual terroir, respecting their nature and authenticity.

Diversity is also a promise of pure tastes, from wines to olive oil to the dishes cooked in our restaurants.

And lastly, diversity is cultivated in the Renaissance of the arts and of men: with the sponsorship of the “Artists for Frescobaldi” project and the social responsibility of the rehabilitation of the prisoners of Gorgona Island.

A Tuscan story

700 years of wine history

The story of the Frescobaldi
family is closely linked to the history
of its land, Tuscany

A Family

with a great vision

For generations creativity
and a quest for excellence have
inspired the Frescobaldi family.

Our Vision

To be the reference producer of tuscan fine wines,
exclusively dedicated to exalt the diversity of its terroirs.

Developing the diversity of our terroirs,
Cultivating sustainably,
Promoting Tuscan culture.