Gorgona labels: special editions


2016 label

This wine is the result of a social enterprise project born from the collaboration between Marchesi Frescobaldi and the penal institution at Gorgona, a beautiful island in the Tuscan Arcipelago National Park.

2015 label


2014 label

“The culture of man, the influence of the sea
and an extraordinary environment bring forth
an inimitable and exclusive wine”.


2013 label

“Talking about wine, just like music, is always a gamble.
Better to listen, be amazed and learn, in the face of
such beauty and a feast for the senses… Sensual vertigo, but
spiritual. Like music”.
Andrea Bocelli


2012 label

“Here the Frescobaldi agronomists and oenologists
have worked together with the prisoners
on a vine planted in 1999…”