Chianti DOCG red wines

Chianti DOCG red wines

Chianti wines are renowned for their organoleptic properties and for the unique taste that evokes the flavours and fragrances of a land rich in traditions, such as Tuscany. These wines are also famous for the traditional glass container in which they were bottled: the fiasco, or flask — a narrow necked bottle and a large straw-coated base. Now the best Chianti wines are offered in beautiful 0.750 ml bottles.

The territory

Particularly fascinating is the panorama that the Chianti area offers those who pause to admire the effect of the sun shining among the numerous rows of grapevines that populate the hills. The territory of Chianti is especially suited to the cultivation of grapevines and the production of high-quality grapes thanks to the continental climate and the characteristics of its humus soil. On these lands we produce DOCG wines like Chianti Classico, Chianti, il Chianti Colli Senesi ed il Chianti Rufina. These are wines made with Sangiovese grapes and small percentages of complementary varieties.

The chianti wines of the Frescobaldi family

Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi, the renowned Florentine family and producer of Tuscan wines, has two of its nine estates in this region: Tenuta di Castiglioni and Castello di Nipozzano. The wines produced at Tenuta di Castiglioni are Castiglioni Chianti, Rosato Saltagrilli, Giramonte and Tenuta di Castiglioni. At the Castello di Nipozzano, located right in the heart of Chianti Rùfina, prestigious wines such as Nipozzano Riserva, Montesodi Riserva and Mormoreto come to life.