Nipozzano Frescobaldi: the red wine that interprets well the Chianti Rùfina region

Nipozzano Frescobaldi: the red wine that interprets well the Chianti Rùfina region

Nipozzano of Frescobaldi is a Tuscan red wine produced from the bountiful territory of Chianti Rùfina. This well-drained, chalky terrain is where the Sangiovese is cultivated, and helps to make this a wine that stands out for its excellence and exemplary longevity. Nipozzano Riserva is produced and aged at Castello di Nipozzano which sits on a hill overlooking the village of Pelago, east of Florence. The cellars of the castle are where prestigious red wines like Nipozzano Riserva and the crus Montesodi Riserva and Mormoreto are refined. The vinification of Nipozzano Riserva completely respects tradition and takes full advantage of the knowledge and experience that has been passed down in the Frescobaldi family for 700 years.

Nipozzano Riserva: A historic Frescobaldi wine that dates back to 1864. The yardstick of Chianti Riserva; vibrant personality and excellent quality have made it celebrated all over the world.

The castle of Nipozzano and the winery are found east of Florence in the heart of the prestigious territory of Chianti Rufina on the mountainous side that overlooks the valley of the river Arno. Thanks to the perfect balance of altitude, soil and a cool, ventilated microclimate, the varietes enjoy ideal conditions for perfect growth, and produce wines of harmonious character and great longevity.

Characteristics of Nipozzano Riserva

Particularly appreciated for its sensory impact, the Nipozzano Riserva (Chianti Rùfina DOCG) is a wine with a bright ruby colour and pleasant taste, intense and presistent. Nipozzano Reserva can be paired with dishes such as grilled meats and aged or fresh pecorino cheeses.

Awards and recognitions for Nipozzano Riserva

Nipozzano Riserva of Frescobaldi has received several awards over the years

  • WINE SPECTATOR – 3 times in the TOP 100 in the last 4 years – 92 points for the 2010 vintage
  • JAMES SUCKLING – 91 points for the 2008 and 2010 vintages
  • THE WINE ADVOCATE – 90 points for the 2009 and 2010 vintages