Stories from the 2017 harvest

"The harvest isn’t just work, it’s passion. A celebration of all the people that take part in it. Each grape is life, and Frescobaldi knows this well, treating each with special care because each one holds a piece of the history of these estates, which then is transformed into the elegant wines that so well represent this company. "
Paolobalsamo89 Garage Raw
"Discovering Frescobaldi’s world of wines, I had the opportunity to travel back in time to the days of my own grape harvests. Here at the Frescobaldi estate, the grapes aren’t pressed by foot of course, but each grape is harvested by hand and tasting one reminded me of the many times I spent at my grandmother’s house when it was time to make wine as my family has done for centuries. We would walk and jump on the grapes as if it were the best game in the world. All of this is such a great gift for a nostalgic person such as myself!"
Dvdprtto GarageRaw
"I’m here at Castello Nipozzano in Tuscany to tell the story of this year’s grape harvest. The colours and details found here, are truly only found here, and when observed with a glass of wine in hand they become something else entirely."
Piergiuliocaivano Garage Raw