Gambero Rosso has named Frescobaldi its Winery of the Year

A well-deserved recognition for what Frescobaldi has achieved over recent years, thanks to terrific teamwork based on strategic plans for each individual terroir of every family wine estate. Passionate attention to detail concretely applies the Frescobaldi family’s vision, and integrated teamwork painstakingly monitors the evolution of the estates’ wines and the condition of their surrounding environments.
“Our philosophy, Cultivating Toscana Diversity, means that each of our wine estates has its own managing director, and its own winemaker as well, usually a young professional with international experience. Nicolò D’Afflitto, our winemaking director since 1990, coordinates all these operations. Our unwavering intention is to showcase the talents, if you will, of every single terroir, and of every individual vineyard, assisting the vines, for example, to find their own balance, in natural processes that privilege use of non-chemical fertilisers and grasses in cover-cropping. That of course also involves meticulously-planned and executed winemaking efforts, all overseen by our winemaker and technical director, Nicolò d’Afflitto”.


For more than 700 years, we’ve been the proud ambassadors of this land.

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Since 700 years we are proudly winemakers.
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