700 - 2016



Toscana IGT


700, a masterful blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, is an intense and elegant wine with a modern appeal that doesn’t renege on the ties to its terroir and heritage.

Vintage Report

The growing season was characterised by a relatively dry fall followed by a winter with temperatures that never fell below zero and a mild spring that stimulated the plants’ awakening. The flowering phase, in fact, began approximately ten days earlier than the previous year. The spring rains ensured that the plants had the necessary water reserves to sustain themselves throughout the extremely dry summer, which was, however, not excessively hot. The result was a harvest noteworthy for the impeccable health of the plants and grapes.



Terroir and environmental conditions

Technical Information

Variety Cabernet, Merlot
Alcohol by volume 13,5 %
Length of maceration on the skins 15 days
Malolactic fermentation In steel vats and immediately following initial fermentation
Maturation method Second and third use barriques
Length of maturation 8 months
Bottle formats Bottle

Tasting Notes

Brilliant, dense and intensely ruby red, 700’s bouquet is quite diverse and intense: fruity memories of wild berries, particularly raspberry and blueberry, leave way to spicy cinnamon and vanilla. On the palate, the wine presents great balance of structure, good acidity and ample softness with pleasant notes of jams supported by noticeable crispness and liveliness. The persistent finish is pleasantly fruity

Serving suggestions