Albizzia - 2017



Chardonnay di Toscana, IGT


Albizzia, made from Chardonnay, is a crisp, stylish white wine, with a broad array of fragrances ranging from citrus to tropical fruit. Wonderful as an aperitif wine, it is also perfect as a wine to enjoy at any moment throughout the day.

Vintage Report

2017 will be remembered as a very dry year. With the exception of a crisp January, the temperatures were consistent with seasonal averages. Cold days in January none withstanding, the grapevines awakened early from their winter slumber and the first buds made their appearance in the last third of March. Although the cold made its reappearance in April, the buds didn’t suffer any damage and began growing rapidly in May leading to the flowering of the buds. The lack of water non withstanding during the summer season, the grapes grew healthily due to the cool, deep soil and the excellent management of the vineyard, which allowed to the Chardonnay plants to be well protected from the stresses derived from lack of water. The veraison began at the end of July, and the harvest took place on the second week of August, earlier than usual an in line with the rest of the year’s advanced timings.



Terroir and environmental conditions

Technical Information

Variety Chardonnay
Alcohol by volume 12%
Maturation method Stainless steel vats
Length of maturation 3 months
Bottle formats Bottle

Tasting Notes

An intense, brilliant straw-yellow colour with soft emerald reflections. To the nose, the wine reveals fresh citrus notes of cedar and lime alongside tropical fruit such as pineapple and banana leading into aromatic herbs and mint. Entry in the mouth is inviting, smooth and captivating, giving way to a long and harmonious finish.

Serving suggestions

Albizzia makes a wonderful aperitif wine, paired with lighter charcuterie, such as sweet-style prosciutto. It is the perfect partner to vegetable-sauced pasta, and delicate fish preparations.