Castiglioni Chianti - 2017



Chianti DOCG


Thanks to the favourable soil and climate, Chianti Castiglioni reflects its lands’ characteristics as a soft, pleasantly fruity wine noted for its strong and well-defined personality.

Vintage Report

On the hills of Castiglioni the vines began to sprout new shoots in early April following a dry and relatively mild winter. March and April saw a few showers which enriched the water reserves necessary for the development of the young shoots.
The flowering and the subsequent summer season were characterised by a scarcity of showers and high temperatures that allowed the grapes to grow and mature in a healthy environment without the risk of phytosanitary complications.
Thanks to their ability to store moisture, Castiglioni’s typical clay terroirs played an essential role in alleviating water stress caused by the absence of showers in the summer period and helped the grapes to achieve a large concentration of sugars and polyphenols.


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  • Castiglioni Chianti

    Terroir and environmental conditions

    Technical Information

    Variety Sangiovese and Merlot
    Alcohol by volume 13%
    Maturation method Stainless steel
    Length of maturation 6 months with micro-oxygenation and 2 months in the bottle
    Bottle formats 0,375 l, 0,75 l, Magnum (1,5 l)
    Castiglioni Chianti

    Tasting Notes

    Chianti Castiglioni 2017 has a ruby-red colour tending towards bright, brilliant violet.
    The nose contains pleasant blackberry, redcurrant and cherry preserve notes with touches of floral and spicy notes. In the mouth, the wine is lively and round and its fruity aromas return to the palate, giving a rich, fulfilling finish.

    Serving suggestions

    Full-flavoured dishes such as pappardelle pasta in a meat sauce, as well as roast chicken, sautéed beef with vegetables, and medium-aged cheeses.



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