Gorgona Rosso - 2015



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From the island of Gorgona, the smallest island of the Tuscan archipelago located 20 miles west of Livorno, comes this blend of Sangiovese with a small percentage of Black Vermentino, a variety that has taken particularly well to the island. “Gorgona Rosso” is a wine born from the collaboration of Frescobaldi and the island’s penitentiary. The Frescobaldi agronomists and oenologists have worked together with island’s inmates and taught them important skills that can be used at the end of their detention for an easier reintegration into society. The Gorgona Rosso wine comes from a small lot of a one hectare vineyard located in the only area sheltered from strong sea winds, in the middle of an amphitheater that overlooks the sea. The vineyard is managed by the inmates using organic farming techniques.


Vintage Report

2015 will be long-remembered as one of the best vintages, temperatures were only slightly above their seasonal averages, but almost always mitigated by constant winds.
The first part of winter registered significant rainfall, which settled to average values during the colder months. Spring saw a number of significant rain showers, but was quite dry overall and beneath seasonal averages. The warmer months were also quite dry, as was the harvest season, which allowed for a slower harvest and a more complete ripening of healthy grapes.

Gorgona Rosso

Terroir and environmental conditions

Estate and vineyard location: Island of Gorgona
ALTITUDE 60 m above sea level
Vineyard average age 16 years
Gorgona Rosso

Technical Information

Variety Sangiovese and Vermentino Nero in small parts
Alcohol by volume 13.5%
Length of maceration on the skins Total
Malolactic fermentation Partial
Maturation method Earthenware jar
Length of maturation 15 months
Bottle formats Bottles 0.75 l
Gorgona Rosso

Tasting Notes

Hailing from a natural amphitheatre overlooking the sea, Gorgona Rosso expresses a wide range of traits that make this a unique wine. Intensely ruby red with highlights that tend towards garnet, the wine is rich in the aromas of small underwood fruits that alternate structured toasted scents with sweet spices in a perfect harmony that is firm but never excessive. In the mouth, the good acidity sets up the elegant and well-structured tannins that make this wine well-rounded and pleasant while surprising with occasional sharper jabs, fruit of a contemplative wine in constant evolution.

Serving suggestions