Gorgona - 2016



Costa Toscana IGT


From the island of Gorgona, the smallest island of the Tuscan archipelago, located 20 miles west of Livorno, a blend of Vermentino and Ansonica, varietals that are now perfectly acclimated to their island environment. “Gorgona” is a white wine born from the collaboration of Marchesi Frescobaldi and the island’s penal institution. The Frescobaldi agronomists and oenologists have worked together with prisoners, teaching them important skills that can be used at the end of their detention for an easier reintegration into society. The Gorgona wine comes from a small vineyard of about one hectare, located in the only area sheltered from strong sea winds, in the middle of an amphitheater which overlooks the sea. The vineyard is managed by the inmates using organic farming techniques and the last vintage produces only 3850 bottles (3700 0,75 lt and 150 Magnum).


Vintage Report

Although summer temperatures were well above average, the marine winds mitigated the effects of the heat on the vines and grapes, resulting in a vintage to be remembered. The sea plays an important role in the island’s microclimate by mitigating temperatures throughout the year. Because of it, autumn is not excessively rainy, winter is quite mild, spring is pleasantly temperate, and summer, though hot, is breezy. On the island of Gorgona, the vines’ growing phases begin approximately 20 days earlier than on the mainland, but they also last longer.
The beginning of winter saw a number of considerable rain events before settling down at season averages. Spring was quite dry with regular and well-distributed rainfall. During the warmer months and throughout the harvest, rain was quite scarce. The grapes reached a perfect stage of ripeness and remained in good health throughout the long harvest, producing a wine with great organoleptic qualities.


Terroir and environmental conditions

Estate and vineyard location: Island of Gorgona
ALTITUDE 60 m above sea level
Vineyard average age 29 years

Technical Information

Variety Vermentino and Ansonica
Alcohol by volume 13%
Length of maceration on the skins No maceration
Malolactic fermentation Partial
Maturation method Steel and barriques
Length of maturation 7 months
Bottle formats Bottles 0.75 l and Magnum 1.5 l

Tasting Notes

This wine is a perfect expression of the namesake island it hails from and it evokes all the aromas of the Mediterranean brush, the minerality of the insular soils, and the crispness of the sea winds. Gorgona’s nose is rich in herbal notes of rosemary, thyme, hawthorn flowers and juniper that blend in harmony with the more complex notes of ripe white peach, pineapple and cedar, which are the result of a longer ripening phase. In the mouth, the wine is extremely fresh with a touch of fruitiness that recalls the flavour of apricot jam. Lingering and inviting, Gorgona accompanies the drinker on a journey of discovery of this tiny but incredibly diverse island.

Serving suggestions