Leccioni - 2017



Chianti DOCG


I Leccioni Chianti DOCG is a soft, rounded wine. It has typical aromas of sweet violet and small red fruit. In the mouth it is balanced with medium body and measured tannins evened out by the correct level of acidity.

Vintage Report

The record high temperatures of summer 2017 accelerated the plants’ phenological phases, leading to slightly earlier grape ripening compared to previous years (approximately 10 days). The August rains and lower temperatures brought balanced nutritional substances to the vines to nearly optimum production standards. September and October were dry, with cool (sometimes cold) night temperatures, allowing optimum, complete ripening of the grapes and a quick, easy grape harvest.



Terroir and environmental conditions

Technical Information

Variety Mostly Sangiovese
Alcohol by volume 12,50%
Maturation method Stainless steel
Length of maturation 5 months in steel and 2 in the bottle
Bottle formats 0,75 l

Tasting Notes

Leccioni 2017 opens up with a nose of pomegranate, raspberry, cherry and sweet violet. It has spiced black pepper and clove notes, with herbaceous scents at the finish. In the mouth, the wine is soft and rich, and confirms its marked fruity and floral bouquet.

Serving suggestions

Fantastic paired with the classic Tuscan antipasto of assorted cured meats. Also good with a thick vegetable soup or red meats prepared simply – grilled, for example.