Mormoreto - 2014



Toscana, IGT


This is the great wine of Castello di Nipozzano, from the Mormoreto vineyard planted in 1976. The first vintage was from the harvest of 1983 and since then this wine has only been produced in the most favourable years. It was not produced in 1984, 1987, 1989, 1992, 1998 and 2002. Since the 2013 vintage, the elegance of Sangiovese has further enhanced the qualities of the Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot grapes planted 150 years ago and used in the production, resulting in a wine even more strongly tied to its terroir. Mormoreto is a wine of great depth, opulence and refinement that can be cellared for many years.


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  • Vintage Report

    Winter 2014 was noteworthy for higher than average temperatures, while spring’s mild climate contributed to an early budding of the grapevines. A particularly crips summer with well distributed rains brought the growing season back to its normal progression, while heat waves at the end of July and beginning of August positively affected the veraison. The temperature differences between night and day supported a gradual ripening of the fruit.


    Terroir and environmental conditions

    Estate and vineyard location: Castello Nipozzano
    ALTITUDE from 250m to 300m (from 820 to 985 feet)
    VINEYARD SIZE 25 ha of the namesake vineyard
    EXPOSURE South
    SOIL TYPE 1) terrain rich in sand, well drained. Fair presence of calcium. PH neutral or slightly alkaline. 2) terrain of limstone, rich in clay and very well supplied with calcium. “White” grounds. Rich in surface stones, PH alkaline.
    PLANTING DENSITY Over 5,800 vines per hectare
    TRAINING SYSTEM Spurred cordon
    Vineyard average age More than 20 years

    Technical Information

    Variety Largely Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Sangiovese, with a touch of Petit Verdot
    Alcohol by volume 14,5%
    Length of maceration on the skins Each variety ferments and macerates separately for 35 days in stainless steel at temperatures below 35°C (95°F), followed by 20 days of maceration on the skins.
    Malolactic fermentation Immediately following initial fermentation
    Maturation method Hand-split oak barrels, partly new and partly once-used
    Length of maturation 24 months in partly new and partly once-used oak barrels, followed by a further 6 months in the bottle
    Bottle formats Half Bottle – Bottle – 1,5 Magnum – 3,0 Doppio Magnum – 6,0 Imperiale – 18,0 Melchior

    Tasting Notes

    The wine presents itself with an impenetrably intense ruby colour and a complex nose: red fruits such as blackberry and raspberry meetbitter almond and fig jam, which are balanced by spiced notes of roasted coffee bean, cocoa butte and a light touch of vanilla. In the mouth the wine is fresh, complex, persistent and balanced. The tannins blend well with the body resulting in a wine that is velvety to the palate. The acidic component is noteworthy and joins elegantly with the alcoholic content. Notes of mixed berries, such as blueberries, are present alongside those of blackberry jam.

    Serving suggestions

    Terrific partner with any long-cooked meat dish, such as marinades, pot roasts, and stews. Delicious with aged cheeses.


    A unique territory for a great Cru

    The Mormoreto vineyard is situated in a small enclave south-east of the estate, where different soils and microclimate conditions coexist and perfectly comply with the present varieties

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