Nipozzano Riserva - 2014



Chianti Rufina Riserva DOCG


A historic wine produced at Castello Nipozzano, about 35km northeast of Florence, it is a symbol of Tuscany’s wine making traditions due to its complexity and strong ties to its terroir.

Vintage Report

Winter 2014 was characterised by higher than average temperatures and a mild spring that encouraged an early start for the grapevines’ budding phase. A particularly mild summer with well-spaced out rains brought the growing season back to its normal progression, while heat waves at the end of July and beginning of August positively affected the grapes veraison. The temperature differences between night and day promoted a gradual ripening of the fruit. The particularly positive weather conditions in September contributed to the production of wine with healthy and excellent quality grapes.


Nipozzano Riserva

Terroir and environmental conditions

Estate and vineyard location: The Chianti Rùfina territory in which Castello di Nipozzano is situated

Technical Information

Variety Sangiovese and complementary grapes (Malvasia nera [Black Malvasia], Colorino, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon)
Alcohol by volume 13%
Length of maceration on the skins 25 days, with frequent reassembly
Malolactic fermentation Carried out immediately after alcoholic fermentation
Maturation method NULL
Length of maturation 24 months, partially in wood
Bottle formats 0,375 l, Bottle (0,75 l), Magnum (1,5 l), Double Magnum (3l)
Nipozzano Riserva

Tasting Notes

Nipozzano 2014 is a brilliant, clear scarlet red. The nose is complex and intense with prevalent flower and mixed berry scents of raspberry, blackberry and blueberry followed by spiced and toasted notes of tea, nutmeg and coffee. In the mouth the wine is warm, soft and quite fresh. Nipozzano 2014 is elegant and enveloping, with fine tannins that are well balanced in the wine’s structure and a long and persistent finish.

Serving suggestions

Barbecued meat and beef stews, aged cheeses



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