Pater - 2016



Sangiovese di Toscana, IGT


A fresh, dynamic Sangiovese with luminous reflections and an aroma largely dominated by fruity sensations, with strawberry and blackberry accompanying a clean-edged, decisive coffee and liquorice note. This soft, flavoursome wine has a dry, clean finish.

Vintage Report

The regular rainfall during the winter, together with the dry and sunny spring that followed, contributed to a homogeneous development of the leaves. During the first weeks of August, significant rain brought some much-needed respite to the plants, storing all the necessary substances in the clusters to obtain a product of excellent quality. Given the altitude of the growing area, summer dryness is often avoided. September and October were drier with chilly evening temperatures, allowing the grapes to develop and ripen perfectly and bringing pleasant aromatic notes to the wine.



Terroir and environmental conditions

Technical Information

Variety Sangiovese
Alcohol by volume 13%
Maturation method Matured partly in French and American oak barrels, and in steel
Length of maturation 3 months in oak, 3 months in stainless steel, and 2 months in the bottle
Bottle formats 0,75 l

Tasting Notes

With fruity aromas of cherry and plum combined with spicy flavours of black pepper and vanilla, this pleasant, round Sangiovese is the perfect pairing for meat at any meal.

Serving suggestions

Pater 2016 is the classic wine to enjoy throughout the meal, perfect with pasta dishes with a meat sauce, stewed lighter meats, such as rabbit alla cacciatora, as well as grilled pork sausages.