Ripe al Convento - 2012



Brunello di Montalcino DOCG Riserva


Ripe al Convento is a wine made with scrupulous care and attention from individual berry selection in the vineyard to vinification and ageing in the cellar. It is a Brunello Riserva with powerful personality and exceptional ageing ability.


Vintage Report

Summer 2012 was hot and dry but the Ripe al Convento vines were sustained through the growth cycle by healthy levels of water in the schist and clay Galestro sub-soil. The veraison phase – berry colour maturation – took place in optimal conditions and completed fully and evenly. The vines’ deep roots enabled a gentle, complete maturation of the grapes, yielding ripe polyphenols perfectly expressive of the aromas and flavours to be found in the finest quality Sangiovese from the CastelGiocondo estate.

Ripe al Convento

Terroir and environmental conditions

Estate and vineyard location: Tenuta CastelGiocondo, Montalcino
ALTITUDE 350-450 metres above sea level (1,148-1,476 feet)
VINEYARD SIZE 8.19 hectares (20.2 acres)
EXPOSURE South and southwest facing
SOIL TYPE Dark, schisty Galestro soils, rich in clay, calcium, and other minerals; alkaline to sub-alkaline
PLANTING DENSITY 5,500 vines per hectare (2,225 per acre)
TRAINING SYSTEM Low-trained spurred cordon
Vineyard average age More than 25 years
Ripe al Convento

Technical Information

Variety 100% Sangiovese
Alcohol by volume 15%
Length of maceration on the skins 33 days
Malolactic fermentation Immediately following initial fermentation
Maturation method Large Slavonian oak ovals and French oak barrels
Length of maturation From harvest through the 1 January of the 6th year, with a minimum of 2 years spent in oak and 6 months in the bottle
Bottle formats 375 ml, 750ml (Bottle), 1.5l (Magnum), 3l (Double Magnum)
Ripe al Convento

Tasting Notes

Intense and brilliant ruby red in colour, the wine is complex and intense on the nose: aromatic expression is of alternating notes of red and black fruits, damson and blackcurrant, before giving way to mineral notes of spice and incense. On the palate Ripe al Convento is opulent, enveloping, harmonious and rich with elegant tannins balanced by excellent flavour and acidity. The finish is persistent, lingering and aromatic.
(Tasted in December 2017.)

Serving suggestions

Stews, slow-cooked meat dishes, and aged cheeses.

Ripe al Convento

A unique territory for a great Cru

The Ripe al Convento vineyard lies in the heart of Castelgiocondo estate, south-west of Montalcino, in an ideal territory for the cultivation of Sangiovese, at a height of 400 metres, well-drained territories and favourable south-west-facing side. The high density together with the manual selection and the scrupulous attention to details give an important track to this wine.

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