Sustainable agriculture and environmental preservation

Sustainable agriculture

For excellent Tuscany

At our estates we pay scrupulous attention to all principles of
Integrated Production and Sustainable Agriculture, and as of
2012 our estates have received AgriQualità certification from
the Region of Tuscany. AgriQualità cetification is awarded for
the use of ecologically sustainable farming techniques compatible
with the protection of the natural environment.

Forest management

The estates of Castello di Nipozzano and Castello di Pomino
were the first in Tuscany to receive PEFC certification
(the international ‘Programme for the Endorsement
of Forest Certification’) which guarantees sustainable
management of our forests.

Sustainable production

We are using new lighter-weight and environmentally
friendly bottles

in order to:
• reduce the use of glass
• reduce energy and water consumption for the production
• reduce CO2 emission, during production and transportation

Thanks to these new bottles, the expected CO2 reduction, for one year,
should be over 350 tons.

Green energy resources

We have chosen to use photovoltaic systems as
a source of renewable energy on our estates:

• the average annual energy yields of our solar panels 335.435 KWh
• the average annual CO2 decrease is 226 tonnes

Green energy resources


The pyrolysis of wood waste left over from the sustainable management of our forests enables us to produce (annually):
• 1,500,000 KWh
• CO2 emissions reduced by 690
• 100 tonnes of organic soil improver for fertilising